Reid Concert Hall, University of Edinburgh. January 13-14 2017

Video recording & editing by Emma Bowen; sound recording by Louis McHugh

Cast of Thousands

Cast of Thousands is a new project from a long-term saxophone duo, informed by a process of psychological enquiry into choices while improvising together. They were joined for this improvised performance by Emma Bowen, a visual artist with a long-standing interest in live drawing, to explore and expand the reciprocal influences of sound and image.

Emma Bowen (live visuals); Raymond MacDonald (alto & soprano saxophone); Graeme Wilson (tenor saxophone)


Improvisation from workshop The Arts Therapist in public

An improvisation between musicians, dancers and arts therapists exploring clinical vs performative improvising and the ecology of encounters in public space.

Ana Almeida (dance), Mairi Campbell (viola & voice) Suzi Cunningham (dance), Nicky Haire (violin), Su-a Lee (cello) Helga Schram (dance)


Stones, Clouds 2017

Two performances were the outcome of workshops led by Graeme Wilson, Raymond MacDonald and Cath Keay to explore how strategies of choice within cross-disciplinary improvising  based on Wilson & MacDonald’s psychological model for improvising . The aim was to allow participants in one discipline to feel that their improvised acts could shape what those in the other discipline were doing.

1. Visual art & music

Emma Bowen (drawing), Christian Ferlaino (alto saxophone), Ceylan Hay (lyre & electronics), Cath Keay (drawing), Una MacGlone (double bass), Simon Ortega (drawing), Mike Parr-Burman (electric guitar)

2. Music & dance

Mariola Albinowski (dance), Sarah Gross (flute), Tomke Kossen-Veenhuis (dance), Tess Latham (dance), Nikki Moran (viola), Russell Wimbish (double bass)


Re-breather (Schroeder, Rawlinson, Etefaghi)

Premiere of an improvised piece held together by a framework informed by the idea of breath and breathlessness. Live processing of the breath sounds allows the performative materials to be enhanced and countered through filtering, dispersal and accumulation. Realtime signal processing extends and augments the ecosystem of saxophonist, saxophone and the concert hall.

Dara Etefaghi (live processing), Jules Rawlinson (live processing), Franziska Schroeder (alto saxophone)


Into The Pipe (Ferlaino)

Christian Ferlaino (baritone saxophone), Tess Latham (dance), Tina Krekels (alto saxophone) Raymond MacDonald (soprano saxophone), Graeme Wilson (tenor saxophone)


Curated Ensemble 1

Curated by PA Tremblay.

Philippa Derrington (clarinet), Nicky Haire (violin), Cath Keay (drawing), Una MacGlone (double bass), Russell Wimbish (double bass)



Concurrent workshop at GIOFest IX

Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow November 2017

Dancers: Ana Almeida, Suzi Cunningham, Alma Lindenhovius

Musicians: Harry Brown (violin), Maria Donohoe (electronics), Kevin Henderson (guitar), Hei Ching Lem (piano), Ana-Thea Panainte (piano & voice), Kornelijus Pukinskis (saxophone)



Reid Concert Hall, University of Edinburgh January 2016

Stones, Clouds (G Wilson, R MacDonald & C Keay)

With Sophia Lycouris & Ana Almeida (dance), Una MacGLone (double bass) Franziska Schroeder (soprano saxophone)


Collaborative Endeavours

Jer Reid (guitar, voice etc) Nerea Gurrutxaga and Monica de Ioanni (dance), Catriona McKay (harp)


dfscore interactive software performance 1 (Rodrigo Costanzo & PA Tremblay)

With Simon Fell (double bass) Graeme Wilson (sax)


dfscore interactive software performance 2 (Rodrigo Costanzo & PA Tremblay)

With Sophia Lycouris, Ana Almeida (dance) Simon Fell (double bass) Graeme Wilson (sax)


Curated group improvisation

Various Concurrent collaborators & performers